We are a worldwide chemical distribution company with long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers. Our distribution channels and expertise allow us to be a global company. We push for a unified communication with our partners (manufacturers, logistic companies and customers) so we can increase opportunities and retain a presence in the market.

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We respect and value our employees and are dedicated to supporting professional development. DAXX strives to be the best, so employing the most capable, responsive and ethical employees will allow us to do so. Our direction is shared equally among all employees so that we can outperform and service our industry partners. DAXX will promise the world that we will stimulate the industry, economy and maintain social responsibility. We will tailor our company to your needs, so that in turn we can make the supplier and customers more profitable, and give them better insight and preparation in regard to the industry that they serve.


Our values will always be an asset to the supply chain. Even if the industry has changed, we promise to keep consistent by following the values below:

  • - Honesty – Regarding the motivation for the company’s action
  • - Integrity
  • - Principle
  • - Excellent Customer Service